Alpaca knitwear line that oozes warmth and softness

Feb 15 / 2018

A knit collection that caters for real people living real lives and embraces the beauty and comfort of alpaca fiber. Knits where classical meets modern and minimalism resides with alluring accents. Models in natural mild shades play with different symmetries and textures to bring out the natural charm of alpaca wool at its finest. All items are also remarkably heat-efficient, allowing you to bring the cosiness and warmth wherever you go. The collection ranges from oversized alpaca cardigans and alpaca sweaters to alpaca ponchos and sets of alpaca wool hat and scarf. Alpaca knits oozing with warmth and softness just beg to be touched, stroked and lived in.

Luxurious, durable and extremely rare, the wool and fur of the Andean alpaca are unrivaled by any other natural fiber. The harsh environment at the altitude of 3500-5000 meters that these camelids call home has the result of making their fleece extremely smooth and silky to touch. By being hypo-allergic, heat-efficient and lightweight as well as dirt, water and wind resistant - alpaca fiber is truly the most superior fiber in the world. 

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