Alpaca throws – Royal softness into summer nights from ALPAKA

The freshest addition to ALPAKA’s line is a true royal. New Plaid Royal Fishbone collection throws are softer than ever and ideal for both fashion accessories and furnishings. The choice of colours include cocoa beige, cherry red, gray and blue.

Plaid Royal Fishbone is made out of premium baby alpaca wool and its 19-micron fineness and silkiness are superior even to baby alpaca. The name of the collection is inspired by the ancient Incan culture of Peru that treasured alpaca wool more than gold or silver. Thus, alpaca wool has often been called gold of the Incas. Alpaca wool is among the best fibres in the world – it is 7 times warmer than sheep wool, soft as cashmere, durable and allergy-free at the same time.

This majestic and warm alpaca throw is perfect for long summer nights. Add your summer royal warmth and beauty and continue a tradition that stretches back thousands of years.

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