Story of ALPAKA






ALPAKA is a boutique scale manufacturer of alpaca fur and wool founded in 2007.

Our headquarters is located in Tallinn, Estonia (EU) and production units in both Peru and Estonia. We use the treasured alpaca fibre from the Peruvian highlands and design and interpret it in the Nordic way.

We create distinctive high quality home and fashion collections.

Our production strategy is mostly focused on unique custom-made pieces. We use time-honoured craft techniques for our one-of-a-kind fur products, to ensure luxurious, rich and soulful products. The strict regulations set for obtaining the raw materials means that our line of products also consist of limited edition items.

Our individual products truly come with the WARMEST OF EMOTIONS. Read further on ALPAKA's philosophy. 

"Warmest of emotions"

About Alpacas

Alpacas are South American camelids, native to the Peruvian highlands. Domesticated thousands of years ago, the rare and luxurious alpaca fibre was already appreciated by the Inca culture. The harsh climate and temperature fluctuations of up to 40°C that the animals have to endure at 3 500 - 5 000m of altitude, make the fleece of alpaca one of the most desirable natural fibres in the world.

What makes Alpaca fibre superior

Extremely smooth scale surface with glossy shine gives the alpaca fibre unparalleled physical and emotional qualities

  • 7 times warmer than sheep wool
  • extremely soft and silky like cashmere
  • highly breathable and lightweight
  • natural lustrous shine
  • remarkably strong and durable
  • flame resistant
  • does not pill easily
  • no prickle factor
  • naturally hypoallergenic: lanolin-free
  • water and dirt-repellent
  • low impact on the environment
  • easy maintenance


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