Alpaca throw is made of unsurpassedly warm and soft alpaca wool. Alpacas are indigenous to the Peruvian Andes where the rough weather conditions at the cloud level have contributed to the forming of their gorgeous fleece. As a result our cosy alpaca throw blankets trap warmth very efficiently while letting your skin breathe.

Wrap yourself up in alpaca’s warmth

Wrap yourself up in alpaca’s warmth

Plaid Classic Fishbone

Alpaca-wool blend blanket with fishbone design


Plaid Classic Tartan

Alpaca and wool blend throw with checkered pattern


Plaid Classic Check

Recycled alpaca blend throw with gradient pattern


Plaid Boucle

Alpaca throw with boucle yarn


Plaid Classic

Recycled alpaca-wool blend blanket with fringes


Yaku Luxury Throw

Ethically sourced alpaca fur throw with long hair

$2 179

Plaid Exclusive Fishbone

Pure baby alpaca throw with fishbone design


Alpaca wool throws are a practical addition in any interior, they introduce a touch of natural elegance to a space, creating a relaxing and cosy atmosphere.

Plaid Royal Fishbone

Pure royal alpaca throw with fishbone design


Plaid Eco Scottish

Pure baby alpaca throw made of natural coloured, undyed yarn


Plaid Exclusive

Pure baby alpaca throw with fringes


Fur Trim Throw

Baby alpaca throw with natural alpaca fur trim

$1 089$1 419

The fibre of alpaca is remarkably smooth and lustrous, resulting in opulent and silky products that invite you to immerse yourself in their alluring embrace. 

Baby alpaca throw is also allergy-free as it does not contain any lanolin, therefore a good choice for those with extra sensitive skin. Moreover, alpaca fibre is remarkably durable, does not pill easily and keeps its beautiful appearance for many years, if cared after properly. The throws come in a range of both earthy and vivid colours that are easy to mix and match with different interiors. Embrace the genuine warmth and softness with this alpaca throw!

Alpaca throw is perfect for customers who appreciate the fine characteristics of the best natural fibre in the world – alpaca. The models include pure baby alpaca throw and alpaca-wool blend throw blanket, boucle-yarn throw and royal alpaca throw, each model with fringes at the hems. Their size is perfect to toss over a sofa or spread on a bed, giving them a multi-purpose function. Easily adapted to settings both indoors and outdoors, they make an excellent decor piece, adding natural warmth and cosiness during the colder days.