Alpaca hats men are elegant accessories with great warming properties. Alpaca wool offers natural warmth and softness, it is hard-wearing yet extra fine and silky to the touch. They are also perfect for men with particularly sensitive skin.

Men’s Light Fisherman’s Rib Hat

Baby Alpaca, Merino wool, Polyamide


Textured Hat


Fisherman´s Rib Beanie

100% Baby alpaca wool beanie


All these characteristics of alpaca wool will add up to a material unrivalled by any other natural fibre. Thus alpaca hat is a great alternative to sheep wool and cashmere hat. Enjoy the beauty of alpaca wool from the highest peaks of the Andes mountains at its natural best. Outsmart the weather and feel warm wearing mens alpaca hats!

Alpaca hats men have a simple and minimalist cut with exciting accents and textures for a classy touch. These models are easy to mix and match with any type of outerwear – a casual jacket as well as a smart overcoat. The colours include masculine classic tones together with more trendy muted shades. Ideal for men who are looking for a timeless accessory. Wear it as a beanie or turn back the ribbed hem to make it a shorter cap. Slip on an alpaca hat and let the warmth and silkiness make you cosy on the inside. Match with a similar scarf for a beautifully wholesome set.