Alpaca Sweater and Cardigan collection oozing with warmth and softness. Our knitwear caters for real people living real lives and embraces the beauty and comfort of alpaca fibre. Knits where classical meets modern and minimalism resides with alluring accents.

Everyday Roundneck Sweater


Chunky Boyfriend Cardigan


Trapeze Dress


Oversized Cowl-neck Sweater


Baby alpaca and Pima cotton unisex knit coat with belt and detachable hood

Unisex Knit Coat


Full-length alpaca cardigan with pockets

Long Slick Cardigan


Alpaca turtleneck poncho with sleeves

Poncho Sweater


100% Royal alpaca robe

Royal Robe


Baby alpaca blend V-neck sweater

Oversized V-Neck Sweater


Baby alpaca blend wrap cardigan

Soft Wrap Cardigan


Short Sleeve Sweater


Delicate Sweater with Lace Sleeves


100% Royal alpaca turtleneck sweater

Womens Lightweight Turtleneck Sweater


Light alpaca-wool blend sweater

Airy Cable Knit Sweater


Alpaca wool sweater

Alpaca wool sweater and knitwear models in mild shades play with different symmetries and textures to bring out the natural charm of alpaca wool at its finest.

A perfect balance between exciting features and timeless silhouette. You can emphasize or play down the models as you wish by wearing them on top of smart dresses or casual jeans.

Alpaca sweater is crafted from alpaca fibre from the highest peaks of the Andes mountains. All sweaters are remarkably heat-efficient, allowing you to bring comfort and warmth wherever you go.

Alpaca sweater also has a soft and cosy feel, made for a blissful day spent in warmth. By being also hypo-allergic, lightweight as well as dirt, water and wind resistant – alpaca wool sweater is a truly exceptional piece and a great alternative to sheep wool or even cashmere sweater.

The collection ranges from oversized alpaca cardigans with or without belt and sweaters with different necklines to one-size-fits-all ponchos. 100% alpaca sweater or alpaca-blend knit just begs to be touched, stroked and lived in.

Alpaca cardigan collection

Alpaca cardigan collection draws inspiration from the misty Nordic sky and its ever-changing shapes. Cloud-soft alpaca yarn, opulent silhouettes and curvy motifs together will offer delight to your senses and that much-needed comfort. Designed to give you the real luxury of natural alpaca wool, these pieces have a soft and cosy feel enhanced by the lovely texture.

Alpaca cardigan womens models include many different styles from mid- to full-length cardigans that will brighten up autumn and wintertime clothing in an instant.

Wear it even on a chilly summer night for a dose of warmth. The designs feature round sleeves, subtle rib design and feminine lines. Cardigan models where original details are balanced by a timeless cut. Alpaca wool cardigan comes in monochromatic and muted pastel colours that leave enough room for the individual to shine.

Alpaca wool cardigan unites the incredible fibre from the treasured animals, Nordic design sense and subtle nature colours. Crafted from extremely soft and heat-efficient alpaca wool, alpaca cardigan is the perfect item to add to your wardrobe, especially if you look for something where warmth is lined with glamour. 

Alpaca wool cardigan serves as a great alternative to sheep wool or cashmere cardigan. Wear it as an outer layer in mild weather or insulating inner layer when temperatures drop even further. Combine with a casual or smart dress and take your look from office to evening.