Alpaca ponchos make an exclusive wardrobe item where natural warmth of alpaca fibre is combined with beauty and glamour. One-size-fits-all models are perfect extra layers for colder days outside or accent pieces to be worn inside. Different models available with or without fringes at the hems and in various weaving styles.

100% baby alpaca

Exclusive Cape


Wrap Exclusive


Wrap Exclusive Fishbone


100% baby alpaca



Alpaca turtleneck poncho with sleeves

Poncho Sweater


Warm and lightweight baby alpaca shawl with pockets

Travel Shawl

Alpaca wool ponchos feature simple lines and minimalistic cuts that are easily incorporated into any wardrobe. Slip it on your shoulders and attach with a belt or brooch for extra fit and comfort. One model hits just around hips and the other reaches longer and covers also thigh area for additional warmth.

Alpaca ponchos are made from alpaca wool sourced from the highest heights in the Peruvian Andes mountains. Soft as cashmere, 7 times more warm than sheep wool, allergy-free and durable, alpaca wool is truly unrivaled by any other natural fibre. It is also a sustainable choice compared with cashmere and therefore ideal for environment-conscious people. Alpaca wool poncho womens will keep you cosy on the inside even with the coldest temperatures. Opt for classic neutral colours for that polished, elegant look or trendy tones for a stylish finish. Wrap yourself in an alpaca poncho and indulge in the soft feel and the finest of materials.