Alpaca scarves for men are rare and luxurious accessories with unparalleled qualities. These scarves are crafted from baby alpaca wool from the Andes mountains with natural warmth and softness that is literally among the superior in the world.

Light Fisherman´s Rib Scarf

Alpaca-wool blend scarf with fisherman´s rib design


Shawl Exclusive Fishbone

New colours! 100% Baby alpaca maxi-scarf with fishbone design


Scarf Exclusive Fishbone Midi

100% Baby alpaca scarf in 45cm width with fringes


Scarf Exclusive 180

100% Baby alpaca scarf with fringes


Scarf Exclusive Fishbone

100% Baby alpaca scarf with fishbone design


Scarf Exclusive 200

100% Baby alpaca scarf with fringes


Men’s Tartan Scarf

Exclusive 100% baby alpaca scarf in trendy tartan pattern


Scarf Royal Fishbone

100% Royal alpaca scarf with fishbone design


Midi Scarf Exclusive Check

100% Baby alpaca scarf with check pattern


Alpaca fibre is also remarkably durable, meaning the scarf does not pill easily and keeps its beautiful appearance for many years to come. It does not contain lanolin and is naturally dirt-repellent and non-prickly, making it a hypoallergenic choice with many benefits. Perfect alternative for people who are allergic to sheep wool scarves. You will always feel warm and safe when wrapped in alpaca scarves for men.

Wear your alpaca scarf for men neatly knotted for a polished look or toss it around your neck many times for a more relaxed style. Tuck the fringes inside your coat or outside depending on your personal taste. The colour palette for alpaca scarves for men ranges from classical grays and beiges to more on-trend colours for a refreshed look. Models come in both unicolour style and fishbone pattern where two colours create a beautiful harmony. Alpaca scarves for men also make a great gift and will become a beloved staple accessory for your boyfriend, husband or dad to wear with colder weather.