Why Alpaca

About Alpacas

Luxurious, durable and extremely rare, the wool and fur of the Andean alpaca are unrivaled by any other natural fiber. The harsh environment that these camelids call home conveniently makes their fleece the single most desirable fiber in the world. Thanks to its semi-hollow structure and short surface scales, alpaca fiber is extremely smooth and silky to touch and traps warmth very efficiently while being lightweight and dirt resistant. Alpaca fiber is uniquely smooth and glossy, creating opulent, silky products that beg to be touched, stroked and lived in.

Domesticated thousands of years ago by the predecessors of the Incas, the qualities we revere in the alpaca’s wool are forged by the extraordinarily tough climate at 3500-5000 meters of altitude in the Andes mountains, where daily temperatures fluctuate up to 40 degrees – from -20C to + 20C. This unique environment produces wool that is more luxurious and pleasant to the touch than any other fiber available.


Extremely smooth scale surface with glossy shine gives the alpaca fibre unparalleled physical and emotional qualities

  • 7 times warmer than sheep wool
  • remarkably strong and durable
  • highly breathable and lightweight
  • natural lustrous shine

Extremely soft and silky like cashmere

  • flame resistant
  • does not pill easily
  • no prickle factor
  • naturally hypoallergenic: lanolin-free
  • water and dirt-repellent
  • low impact on the environment
  • easy maintenance