• 7 times warmer than sheep wool
  • extremely soft and silky like cashmere
  • highly breathable and lightweight
  • natural lustrous shine
  • remarkably strong and durable
  • flame resistant

Yaku Rug

Ethically sourced alpaca fur rug with long hair and anti-slip backing
 749 1,824


Extremely smooth scale surface with glossy shine gives the alpaca fibre unparalleled physical and emotional qualities

The most desirable natural fibre in the world comes from the Peruvian highlands.

Fur Trim Throw

Baby alpaca throw with natural alpaca fur trim
 888 1,299

Yaku Cushion

Ethically sourced alpaca fur cushion cover with long hair
 199 274
  • does not pill easily
  • no prickle factor
  • naturally hypoallergenic: lanolin-free
  • water and dirt-repellent
  • low impact on the environment
  • easy maintenance

Plaid Classic

Recycled alpaca-wool blend blanket with fringes