Alpaca scarves and shawls combine the treasured fibre from the Andes mountains and Nordic design sensibility with natural colour palette. Silky gloss and delicate touch makes it comparable to cashmere.


Alpaca wool scarf brimming with warmth and softness is the perfect accessory for cold weather to keep you cosy and comfortable. Baby alpaca scarf is also soft as silk and skin-friendly, therefore a good option for people with extra sensitive skin and those who cannot wear sheep wool scarves. These scarves are not prickly around the neck, they absorb heat but let the skin breathe. Alpaca scarf is eco-friendly and easy to maintain and will keep its charm for a long time.

Alpaca wool scarf size ranges from small to maxi, keeping you warm and fulfilled all day long. Available both in woven and knitted styles and with or without fringes. The unicolour alpaca scarf comes in both basic and accent tones and the one with fishbone design features a stylish combination of on-trend colours, with new additions each season. Simply toss the scarf around your neck for an easygoing look or make a pretty knot for a more sophisticated edge. Tuck the ends of the scarf inside or keep them out to create your own unique style. 100% alpaca scarf will add a little luxury and warmth to your day!


Alpaca shawl is made of warm but lightweight and extremely soft baby alpaca fibre from the Andes mountains in Peru. Unlike sheep wool shawl, this baby alpaca shawl does not contain lanolin, is therefore hypoallergenic and can easily be worn next to skin without irritating it. Baby alpaca shawls have minimal pilling as the fibres are smooth, so our scarves will keep their beautiful appearance for a long time. Counting all these wonderful characteristics, alpaca wool proves to be a real nature’s wonder, perfectly matching the needs of humans. Drape yourself in one of these captivating alpaca shawls on chillier days for a warm and stylish look!

Alpaca shawl has a generous size, ideal for wrapping around your neck or wearing on shoulders for an extra layer. Style it loosely or with a beautiful knot to match your own personal needs and desires.  The shawls have fringes on the hems. These shawls come in both unicolour and two-toned fishbone design. The shawls are available in an assortment of colours, both muted pastels and natural earthy tones. Baby alpaca shawls are a classy addition to any outfit and essential during the colder months.