Alpaca sweaters for men are crafted from rare and elegant alpaca wool. Exceptionally warm and soft, alpaca is one of the most coveted fibres in the world. Just like keeping alpacas warm on the highest tops of Peruvian Andes mountains, alpaca wool is the ideal fibre for making warm knitwear for men. Alpaca wool is durable, has minimal pilling and is also good for sensitive skin.

Unisex Knit Coat

Baby alpaca and Pima cotton unisex knit coat with belt and detachable hood


Classic Crewneck Sweater

100% baby alpaca wool crewneck sweater in classic style


Mens Rollneck Sweater

Royal Baby Alpaca 100%


Alpaca sweater mens

These warm alpaca wool sweaters for men combine the treasured fibre and traditional craftsmanship with Nordic design. They will keep you warm and cosy during the colder seasons of the year and give you luxury and comfort on every step.

Alpaca sweaters for men feature classical designs with original details for a more playful touch. Both basic and more individual models are present in the collection, so choose according to your own personal style. The cuts include pullover type sweaters and cardigans with buttons and pockets in front. Wear them with casual jeans and T-shirt for a relaxed look or shirt and smart trousers for a more sophisticated option. Our alpaca sweaters for men come in both classic neutral colours and latest seasonal shades. Embrace the colder days wearing these ideally warm and super-soft alpaca sweaters for men.

Alpaca cardigan mens

Alpaca cardigan mens is superbly soft, silky, warm and at the same time lightweight. These qualities make alpaca wool a highly sought-after material and perfect for crafting warm-keeping knitwear. Unlike sheep wool, alpaca also does not contain any lanolin and is naturally dirt-repellent which makes it a hypoallergenic choice with many benefits. Silky texture of alpaca hair also means the cardigans are perfectly itch-free. Therefore making them ideal for men with particularly sensitive skin prone to allergies. Mens alpaca cardigan sweaters are key pieces for spending the colder times cosily in warmth while looking elegant and smart.

Alpaca cardigan mens collection focuses attention to minimalist cuts that play with different textures and symmetries. Cardigans are simple but buttons and pockets will add a touch of personality. These classic designs make for a timeless wardrobe investment to be worn again and again. Easily mixed and matched with both everyday as well as a more smart outfit. In addition to alpaca cardigans, also alpaca wool sweaters are featured in the line. Colour options include classical neutrals along with muted trendy shades. Beat the cold in style and opt for mens alpaca cardigan sweaters for keeping you warm at the office or outside in nature.