Yaku Luxury Throw

$2 179

Colours White, Milk Coffee and Dark Brown are pre-order only. Allow 2 weeks for order fulfilment. 

Truly soft and silky alpaca fur blanket with baby alpaca wool backing. Can be used as a bed cover or as a throw on a sofa or armchair. Each throw has a unique appearance, both in terms of colour variations and the physical qualities of fur. Small differences in colour shades and fibre length can occur, as only natural materials have been used. Gentle and luxurious to the touch, this throw will take you into a whole new world of comfort and pleasure.

This throw is made of guilt-free alpaca fur, meaning no animals were hurt to make it. Alpacas are simply too valuable to be killed for their fur, so we only use the pelts of animals that have died a natural death. This means we are using material that might otherwise have been wasted and giving it a new value.

natural alpaca fur

100% baby alpaca wool

special softening layer of thermo-bonded wadding

gift box

Alpaca fur throw with long hair and baby alpaca backing