ALPAKA is headed to Tallinn Fashion Week

Our new collection transforms home cosiness into a space of productivity, and will be presented to the public for the first time on the 22nd of October through a virtual Tallinn Fashion Week.

Our new Seasonless Luxury Leisure collection combines exceptionally soft and warm alpaca wool, luxurious Mulberry silk and organic Pima cotton. This unique combination of delicate materials makes our clothing wonderfully light and lets your skin breathe while keeping you comfortably warm.

The creator of the collection is ALPAKA´s designer Anni Ilves, who drew inspiration from the beauty and diversity of nature. Graceful wind gusts became flowing silhouettes, and the exploration of flowing water in the sandstone added playful nuances. Naturally soft tones and high-quality materials ensure that our knitwear isn´t bound by seasons and lasts a lifetime.
“Although fashion is hardly a priority at the moment, we believe that clothing can often have a significant effect on well-being. The new collection includes pieces that are functional in this new reality where the indoors have become the new outdoors and help you create an effortlessly elegant atmosphere. ”


Photo: Erlend Štaub


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