ALPAKA is pleased to announce the opening of its new pop-up boutiques in Canada

The new ALPAKA stores will be opened to the public on the 18th of September in Pointe Claire, on the 2nd of October in Laval and on the 16th of October in Toronto. The stores will feature a curated selection of men´s and women’s ready to wear clothes and accessories, as well as interior design pieces.

ALPAKA’s co-founder Kristjan Sillaots lives in Peru and takes care of production so that each and every piece of their line will be brought to you with love and care. “We believe that ultimate beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and so our designs cater for real people living real lives,” says Kristjan, who years ago bought a one-way ticket to the complete unknown. He arrived on the other side of the globe with just two hands in his pockets, to seek happiness and explore all the possibilities that life has to offer. Today, ALPAKA has become a successful lifestyle brand, where ancient craft and modern design are wedded to create moments that leave you feeling tranquil, safe and fulfilled.

In a world filled with short-term products aimed at satisfying immediate and shallow urges, ALPAKA pledges to help create moments that endure as singular and create beauty that is not seasonal, nor bound to any fashion trend, but is instead timeless, classic and enduring.

The new ALPAKA boutique offers a sophisticated environment, reflecting ALPAKA´s heritage and values, timeless elegance, northern luxury and beautiful design.

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