ALPAKA´s new showroom in Ultima Thule lifestyle gallery

The vision of our new home and showroom in Ultima Thule is to offer a common platform to appreciate and acknowledge the Nordic quality, commitment to creativity and the diversity of high culture. Nordic quality and luxury can be characterized by attention to details, keeping effortless luxury in the forefront and telling a unique story.

Ultima Thule symbolizes the discovery of the new and searches of the extraordinary. Inspired by the idea of Ultima Thule is born the collaboration of Northern Luxuries, design and lifestyle brands, artists and creators holding on to similar values.

Maakri quarter´s trendy neighbourhood offers entertainment and recreation in style. Get a glimpse of how the old and the new can come together so effortlessly in perfect harmony. Get inspired by and appreciate the stunning architecture and Estonian designers´ creations.

Come and visit us at Ultima Thule gallery, Maakri 19/1 Tallinn D-Building, right in the heart of Maakri quarter.

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