Light Fisherman’s Rib Hat and Tartan Scarf (Set)


Light Fisherman's Rib Hat

Whether dressing for a casual outing or hitting the slopes, this classy hat will keep you stylishly warm. It´s been constructed from a plush baby alpaca blend featuring a ribbed design. Durable, velvety soft, and timelessly designed – a modern accessory that will be cherished for many winters to come.

60% Baby Alpaca, 5% Merino wool (21mic.), 35% Polyamide

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Tartan Scarf Women

The tartan scarf is best known for its versatile mix of colours. It´s effortless to match your outfit with any of the classical colours in the scarf design. If you´re looking to shake things up a bit, we suggest finding harmonious contrasts between your style and the scarf's bolder colours to make it more personal. This beauty is crafted from pure baby alpaca wool which offers cashmere quality softness, is eco-friendly, heat-efficient and silky soft.

100% baby alpaca

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