Muted pastels from nature by ALPAKA | New AW 19/20 collection

Estonian lifestyle brand ALPAKA is all about pastels and muted nature colours this fall/winter season. The overstimulating and -saturated world makes you want to take a step back and feel some lightness and harmony in your mind. Muted pastels will bring the much-needed peace of mind and help relax your senses. Hues inspired by the crisp Nordic winter and frost on winter mornings that tones down the brightness of nature colours and makes them shine subtly. Let your senses charge themself and choose from among soft lilac, nude pink, misty blue, laurel green, mulberry, rusty orange and hunter green. ALPAKA new collection includes scarves and throw blankets for both men and women.

ALPAKA is a lifestyle brand founded in 2007 in the Nordic country of Estonia. We use the treasured alpaca fibre from the Peruvian highlands and design and interpret it in the Nordic way to offer you a lifetime of luxury. Unrivaledly heat-efficient, soft and skin-friendly, the wool of the Andean alpaca will caress your senses and give you unforgettable moments. Luxuriate in the natural warmth and beauty of an ALPAKA item together with the warmest of emotions.

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