Sami Rug with anti-slip backing


Delightfully soft and comforting, our alpaca rugs will make a decadent addition to any room. Sami rugs are crafted from natural alpaca fur which is very thick and soft to the touch. Sami means “strength” in the Quechua language, hence the Sami fur is known to be very thick and solid, holding less air inside the fur but offering greater smoothness, durability and warmth. Each Sami Rug has a unique appearance, both in terms of colour variations and physical qualities of the alpaca fur. Small differences in colour shades and fibre length can occur, as only natural materials have been used.This fibre is naturally water- and dirt repellent, which makes the maintenance of the alpaca fur Sami Rug easy. Our Alpaca fur is sourced 100% cruelty-free. For more information and details please refer to our product care guidelines.


Alpaca fur rug with short hair and anti-slip backing