Travel Shawl – luxurious accessory from Royal alpaca wool

This clever shawl is an luxurious accessory for customers who value top quality and the greatest comfort when travelling, as it packs small and the lightweight material makes it easy to throw it over your shoulders. Thanks to its versatile features and perfect smart casual look, you´ll never run out of ways to layer it. This timeless design piece features a modern addition allows you to put your hands in the pockets for extra warmth. The three naturally neutral colour options make this garment timeless and easy to combine with your entire wardrobe.

Spun from luxuriously soft Royal Alpaca wool, it offers the perfect amount of warmth all year round. Royal alpaca is the finest category of alpaca, which means that the fibers used are less than 19 microns in diameter. Royal alpaca is found on the back of the alpaca and is the least common of the wool types, making it rare and unique. In in addition it´s celebrated by the textile industry as one of the most eco-friendly fibers. This fineness is what makes Royal alpaca wool superior when it comes to wearability and style.

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