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From high in the Peruvian Andes comes one of the finest luxury fibres in the world – alpaca.

The alpaca is of great spiritual significance to the Andean people, surrounded by many myths and legends throughout its history. In Andean mythology, alpacas were associated with the goddess Pachamama – the Earth Mother.

It was believed that the alpacas were gifted to earth so that the villagers near the sacred Ausangate mountain could survive. In return for the gift, the alpacas had to be cared for, fed well and never to be treated cruelly or Pachamama will take the alpacas back and the people will disappear -ancient Quechua legend.

Here at ALPAKA we put a lot of thought into each and every garment that we make. We appreciate the long and rich history of the Andean people and work responsibly with cruelty free and ethical practices that are in harmony with nature and the environment. Numerous items from our newest collection are crafted from recycled alpaca and sheep wool, as it helps us to minimize textile waste, use less energy and water, ensuring that we are contributing to create an eco-friendly home for all of us.

In a world filled with short-term products aimed at satisfying immediate urges, we pledge to help you create moments that endure as singular memories and timeless splendour.

Cutting down on fast-fashion in favour of luxury items is a good example of how making small changes in our lives, can make big changes for the environment.

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