Yaku Cushion


Yaku Cushions are made of the longest and silkiest of the alpaca furs. “Yaku” means “water” in the South American Quechua language, so you can almost see the waves in the fur, resembling that of the surface of water. Each cushion has a slightly unique tone and fur length as only natural materials have been used. Yaku Cushions are exclusive accessories for contemporary interiors or wherever comfort and warmest of emotions are aimed for. Cushion cover backing is made from baby alpaca wool. Also available with fur on both sides, please enquire. 

This cushion is made using guilt-free alpaca fur and no animal was hurt in the process. Alpacas are just too precious wool animals, so we only use the pelts from animals that have died a natural death and thus give the material a new value.

natural alpaca fur

100% baby alpaca wool

inside cushions available upon request

gift box

Alpaca fur cushion cover with long hair